Guestbook from 2015

Name : Andrea F - Date : 2015-12-04

Message : “Peniche Surf Camp - Ottimo!” - Ho passato 4 giorni al Surf Camp a inizio novembre. Il Surf Camp è organizzato molto bene, facile da raggiongere da Lisbona con l'autobus, il personale è gentilissimo e gli istrittori, oltre che simpatici e disponibili, tutti veramente molto preparati. Avevo fatto precedentemente solo poche lezioni ma con altri 3 giorni assieme a loro ho imparato moltissimo. Aggiungo solo che appena tornato in Italia la prima cosa che ho fatto è stato comperare una tavola da surf... Peraltro il posto è veramente l'ideale pe ri surfisti, molte spiagge ampie con onde perfette. Non vedo l'ora di tornare!!!!


Name : S W - Date : 2015-11-18

Message : “Fantastic time” - I've been slowly learning how to surfing for 8 years, and this place has been one of my best experiences to date. While I didn't stay onsite (rented a small flat nearby on Baleal Island), the set up of the place was clean, organised, and well situated. The instructors were simply wonderful. Good warm ups, explanations of the waves, drills on land and then everybody into the water where the coaching continues. Conditions were perfect for me, mellow green waves with off shore winds, and the water was clean (handy to know you're not going to get a plastic bag in the face when you wipe out). I only had three and a half days with these folks, and I wish it had been longer, as I think my skills would have dramatically improved over a week and the company was great. The reception staff also deserve a shout out, they were very quick to answer emails and in person were welcoming and accommodating. I hope I can return!


Name : RobDaPraia - Date : 2015-11-08

Message : “Best surf experience ever!” - Still stoked of last week's surf sessions at Peniche Surf Camp. The camp is very well organized and from the first moment you feel very welcome, like part of a family. The surf instructors are all excellent, open minded and motivating people. By selecting the right spot we had awesome surf sessions with good waves every day. I joined the advanced class and on the last day we could surf some really big green waves which was my main objective, so I felt completely satisfied, returned home with a big smile and will definitely return next year


Name : AndreaMafio - Date : 2015-10-01

Message : “If you like having fun, go there!!” - Just amazing!! I was a solo traveler and I really had a lot of fun. Once you reach Peniche people from the camp came to pick you up to do the check-in and they show your accommodation. The accommodation was always clean, big equipped kitchen, 3 bathrooms and nice bedroom and it was just 5 minute far away from the surf camp. The surf classes were really well organised. Each group was composed by 6-7 people with 2 instructor each. The instructors are well prepared, patient and really nice. During the week we could even visit a surf factory and a nice village called Obidos. Moreover at the last day they is a video session to improve your position on the board. In the area there are few resturants (brasilian, italian, portuguese) and of course the Bruno's bar!! Highly recommended!!!


Name : Alessio S - Date : 2015-09-27

Message : “Best Surf School in Peniche” - Ho fatto qui un Surf Camp di una settimana con mia moglie. La scuola è organizzata benissimo e gli istruttori preparati e amichevoli. Vengono curati tutti i dettagli nei minimi particolari. Tavole e mute sono incluse sono di buona qualità. Grande divertimento e si impara tanto. Una particolare nota di merito al nostro istruttore Jelim, simpatico e preciso. La raccomando sicuramente per tutti i livelli di surf.


Name : Eve F - Date : 2015-09-13

Message : “Best surf camp in the world” - I cannot begin to express how wonderful Peniche Surf Camp is, and how well run the operation is as well. Not only are the facilities amazing - and clean - and highly functional, the school itself is absolutely five star. Each and every instructor I worked with showed unparalleled care and expertise. They are amazing teachers. You can stay at camp for any amount of time - I spent two weeks, including eight days of lessons - and if you are there for a week you'll enjoy two amazing communal BBQs and plenty of other events. Everything is fantastic - the bar, the food, the rooftops terraces, the hire shop, the school, the bikes ... EVERYTHING.


Name : Marie C - Date : 2015-09-11

Message : “Love it !” - I stayed at the peniche surfcamp twice this year and It already feels a bit like home, but even better ! Everybody is so nice and does their best to make sure you enjoy your stay. The surf instructors are very good and fun to have around. The shared accomodation is an excellent place to go for people who are traveling alone. You will definitely meet a lot of fun people and have an awesome time at the peniche surf camp, just like I did. I am definitely going back next year ! P.S. Don't forget to sign up for the BBQ and have a party afterwards ;)


Name : John S - Date : 2015-09-07

Message : “Many visits” - This is a regular attraction for our daughters and their friends. It's great fun and value. The guys who do the coaching are terrific and very friendly. All equipment is provided and the beach is amazing. We will continue to visit them every time we come here


Name : ElfNottingham - Date : 2015-09-01

Message : “Great lesson - kids standing after 1.5 hrs” - As a family we had a private lesson, husband and x2 children 9 and 13, We had TWO instructors, walked over to a local beach - instructors carried the girls boards. They got both girls up standing within 1.5 hours. Not husband - but they were not miracle workers :-). Their English was very good and they had a great way with the kids.


Name : Alicemanticore - Date : 2015-08-26

Message : “Unforgettable summer Peniche Surf Camp” - We stayed this wonderful place 1 year ago)) since that time there's string dream to turn back. Amazing place and powerfull ocean, very nice and friendly people..guys, you are really my team:)) When you came here, you are really involving in surf lifestyle. For organisators it's not a business - it's a passion and lifestyle and they share it with you.. so no chance not to love this place. about conditions - perfect waves, sand, no sharks:) and amazing natureand very-very tasty seafood!!


Name : Katia K - Date : 2015-08-05

Message : “My heart is still there” - Peniche SC is an awesome place. The atmosphere, surfing, people are so nice. The parties are epic. I highly recommend it. As for me I plan to come back next summer for a month for the 3rd time.


Name : Ragbull V - Date : 2015-07-29

Message : “Great!! With 2 children, 7 & 13” - We took a private lesson for us and our 2 daughters (7 and 13) and got 2 very nice teachers. One for us and our 13- year old and one for our little daughter. They were very kind and patient and we had a great time. Good service, professional advice (when are the perfect waves) and a reasonable price for 2 hours private lesson. We will come back next year! Daan and Saskia from Holland


Name : emiliano000 - Date : 2015-07-27

Message : “surf break” - easy location for beginner/mid level, nice vibe everywhere in the surf center. Tiago and Miguel the best!


Name : Luís P - Date : 2015-07-27

Message : “Espirito descontraido e excelente acolhimento.” - Gostei muito das férias que passsei no Peniche Surfcamp, e espero puder voltar outras vezes. Foi tudo fantastico.


Name : Fernanda K - Date : 2015-07-14

Message : “Top!” - Very well located, cozy and themed environment, everything to do with surfing. They offer a wide variety of activities and lively instructors. I really enjoyed the place because after a day of surfing, all I need is a good place to relax, and found it all in one place. Indico everyone looking for a good surf lessons and make friends too, and surely I will return there. Go surf!


Name : Gabor V - Date : 2015-07-14

Message : “surfun” - Nice surf villa, good company, experienced surf instructors. After the lessons you can always have fun. Good for beginners and intermediate surfers. But if you are an advanced surfer, you still can have fun here, and go surfing on your own.


Name : carito89 - Date : 2015-07-08

Message : “Surf, relax and enjoy” - Great place to enjoy some relaxing time while learning to surf and making friends. The place is located in a quiet area, just a close walk from the supermarket and some nice bars. The accommodations are comfortable and clean, and the shared kitchen makes it a good place to get acquainted with other people staying there. The staff arrange transport to the surf spots and the lessons are imparted by experienced people. Overall, a great stay!


Name : YuriA1989 - Date : 2015-07-02

Message : “Proper introduction to the world of surfing” - We spent memorable 3 days in the Peniche Surf Camp. Both of us were new to surfing and due to the excellent and patient guiding of our instructors (all of whom speak outstanding english by the way), I was finally able to ride a couple of my first waves :) Great thanks, Archy and Nuno for this incomparable experience. The interpersonal ambience in the camp is quite relaxed, friendly and full of humor


Name : Timea B - Date : 2015-06-30

Message : “srfng” - Instructors love surfing and their passion and enthusiastic make you love surfing too. Everybody was very helpful, smiling and very patient. I could enjoy surfing even if I’m a very beginner, but possible to practice at all levels. The camp is well organized, the staff tries to take into account everyone’s wish . Archy, Irina – thanks for all :) We will definitely return very soon. Attila&Timi


Name : Rebelkirsten - Date : 2015-06-23

Message : “Amazing Surf experience” - Extremely well organised surf camp with great surf teachers!! After every wave they give you feedback on how to improve. The equipment is perfect. Cool people, great experience. Best surf camp in Europe!


Name : Sarah M - Date : 2015-06-18

Message : “Best surf camp ever.” - Une ambiance parfaite. Les moniteurs de surf rendent le spot encore plus magique qu'il ne l'est déjà.. de part leur incroyable gentillesse, leur humour, et leurs conseils. Ils aiment ce qu'ils font, et le transmettent de la meilleure façon qui soit, en vous donnant le sourire.


Name : caroyln - Date : 2015-06-11

Message : “Great experience” - A really well run organization they took care of everything . I was concerned going on my own but I met people easily through the camp. I will go again next year . It was a fun break and a good workout .


Name : Daniel M - Date : 2015-06-11

Message : “Really high quality tuition” - Surfing is a difficult thing to do. It's also quite difficult to communicate to a novice about. I've been to a couple of surf camps where I didn't really get out of the tuition aspect. My teacher here was incredibly helpful. Perfect language, and a real capacity to articulate what the beginning surfer needs to know. Social aspect of the camp also very positive.


Name : Samanthasauri - Date : 2015-06-09

Message : “Sooooo coool!!” - the best camp! Rooms really nice, clean and in perfect place between the beach! The people its working there soo nice! Great guys teaching surfing! If you go you enjoy!


Name : antonio c - Date : 2015-06-07

Message : “Perfect” - friendly team and really clean and spacious rooms and close to the local spots. I've been here twice and if I'll be again in Peniche I'll choose this hostel again!


Name : yohann632 - Date : 2015-06-06

Message : “Surf and all!” - J'y suis allé avec un amis. Sincèrement les cours sont parfait, le logement est niquel, vous avez un petit supermarché bar a côté pour le happy hour!! N'hésitez pas!


Name : Steve Y - Date : 2015-06-03

Message : “Enjoy your time at the ocean” - Great place to start surfing! Classes are very useful and cheerful (Hi Pedro!) Rooms are simple, but you came to surf, didn't you? The Baleal Praia bar worth a visit at sunset. I have had a great time there and want to come back straight away.


Name : hansdampf911111 - Date : 2015-05-27

Message : “Perfect surfing spot” - Perfect surfing spot, great instructors and very clean and up to date hostel. There even is a happy hour at the supermarket next door :) Will defo come back here


Name : Rachelle G - Date : 2015-05-19

Message : “Fantastic fun!” - Great value, great staff (very patient with me as an extreme beginner!), wonderful to meet people from all over the world, fantastic location and so much fun! Oh and the surfing was awesome too.


Name : Franziska B - Date : 2015-05-16

Message : “Surfing in May” - We surf with the Peniche Surf Camp once a year and it's always worth the journey! The instructors are really ambitious (Speical thanx to Tiago Henriques and Piedro who helped us a lot the last week!!) and the conditions in Baleal are pretty good. Depending on what you came there for, you'll have a reason to party or challenging surfclasses. See you next year! :)


Name : draikonian - Date : 2015-04-16

Message : “Awesome place” - I went there with a group of friends who had never surfed before. We had a wonderful first experience at Peniche Surf Camp! The staff are great and the instructors are passionate and helpful. We even got a video correction lesson, where the instructors took videos of us during one of the sessions and reviewed the footage afterwards. That helped a lot because sometimes you don't know what mistakes you are doing until you see it for yourself. As this was our first time surfing, I cannot say much about how the waves at other beaches compare, but all the other more experienced surfers who were with us seemed to think that Peniche was one of the best spots to go to. Certainly, there was no lack of waves for us beginners, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Also, one of the best things about this place is the feeling that you belong to a family when you're there. The surf instructors organise BBQs and outings to surf shops or nice restaurants, which gives you a great opportunity to get to know other surfers and visit local popular restaurants. All in all, a great experience.


Name : Natalia_ML85 - Date : 2015-04-10

Message : “It ´s always a pleasure to visit Peniche Surf Camp!:-)” - Perfect location (walking distance to beach... and now there s a supermarket next door!),nice staff and patient and cheerful instructors that care about your learning experience and always find a way to make you smile!:D. I have been several times in the camp (Spring, Summer and Autumn) and I ve always had an amazing time and felt great vibes! Last time I booked a private room and I think I prefer to stay in their apartments or shared accommodation .Private rooms are spacious and have everything you need but they look a bit old and there s no WiFi there...which wasn t a problem for me as you can go to the surfcamp (2min walking) and connect to WiFi there. I m already planning to come back!


Name : Tom C - Date : 2015-04-06

Message : Great place to learn how to surf” - Had my first ever week of surfing here and had a great time. The instructors were encouraging, patient and full of energy. I felt like I had a great amount of one on one coaching and by the end of the week I was catching my first green waves! If I could improve one thing it would be to improve (replace) the electric hobs in the shared kitchen, although the new supermarket right next door is a great new advantage and this is only a really minor issue. Would definitely return in the future.


Name : MexDillon - Date : 2015-03-27

Message : “Cant get enough of this place, been back 3 times in 6 months!!” - The staff are friendly, surf instructors are amazing, facilities and great and there's always a great vibe - summer, autumn or spring. Haven't been in winter yet. Id definitely recommend Peniche Surfcamp!!!


Name : Veronique I - Date : 2015-03-23

Message : “Can't wait to go back” - Perfect location, great vibes, nice staff and excellent instructors. I've been here a few times and every time I leave I'm already planning to come back.


Name : marc antoine r - Date : 2015-03-16

Message : “great stuff” - One full week accomodation and 5 days of courses. We really appreciated the accomodation but even more the courses. Really good stuff.


Name : triathlator - Date : 2015-03-15

Message : “Best surf camp ever !” - This is the best surf camp I visited ! All the ingredients are there: the staff, the beach, Equipment, transportation, people from all over the world, all that in...the beautiful Portugal.


Name : Gee G - Date : 2015-02-24

Message : “Muito feliz!” - We spend five nights at the Peniche Surf Camp and just had wonderful time! One surf class per day was absolutely enough for beginners in the first days! There were good surf conditions despite the winter time ! The surf coaches are competent, funny and patient ! They teach very good and left you also to take your own decisions in the water which is good to learn better. They observe very well how are you surfing and gave you advices to improve yourself. The accommodations are super clean and have everything you need! All people who are working there are very kind and funny! If the next surfing trip will be in Portugal, than in Peniche and at the Peniche Surf Camp! Já está! :)


Name : Rafael M - Date : 2015-02-23

Message : “Perfecto para empezar con el surf y divertirse” - No hubo otro remedio que cogerse las vacaciones en Febrero, y esperando mucho frio, fui preparado para el invierno gélido. No ha sido tan gélido, el surf camp es perfecto para dormir, tienes tu cocina, un supermercado cerca y todo el mundo de recepción dispuesto a ayudar. Lo mejor han sido las clases de surf, Pedro es un crack, mucha paciencia para la gente torpe como yo y lo hace divertido. Totalmente recomendable, aunque vayas en Febrero...las olas con espectaculares. Acabo de volver hace nada y ya con ganasde volver.


Name : Fernanda G - Date : 2015-02-18

Message : “Excelente!” - Ótima localização, atendimento e muito confortável! Vou voltar com certeza! Great location, service and very comfortable! Will come back for sure!


Name : Daniel C - Date : 2015-02-03

Message : “Great Place to Relax, Surf & Party” - Accommodation was exactly what I needed for a week of surf. The location was so close to the beach, you could practically taste the salt water!


Name : - Date : 2015-01-31

Message : “I'll be back” - The hostel is great, pretty clean, good size rooms, good kitchen, hot showers. On the downside, the rooms were a little moldy on the ceiling, apart from that very nice. The kitchen could do with an update on the hot plates but that's being picky. The kitchen is organised very well. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The hostel is close enough to the beach to walk and very good value. I would definitely return again.


Name : William C - Date : 2015-

Message :


Name : Opyat - Date : 2015-01-14

Message : “Perfect New Year Holiday!” - It were definitely the most joyous and nice beginning of a new year ever! Really helpful and nice people at the reception, cool instructors, comfortable accomodation and good location of a camp in Baleal, not far from most of the surf spots. I came back some days ago but already miss this amazing place!

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