Surf School

Beginners Class Program

You‘ll be given a surfboard and wetsuit best suited to you. Your classes include all the basics, from learning how to look after a wetsuit and laying on a board, to surfing the green section of the wave. Then, according to your development, you may change to the advance group and learn other techniques.  If the surf instructor thinks it is convenient and the wave conditions allow, there will be a surf session filmed for later analysis.

Class program:


  • Basic knowledge of surfing equipment and Peniche surfing geography
  • Recognition of the beaches and currents
  • Wave shapes and approaches
  • Safety rules
  • Paddling techniques
  • Sitting on and turning the board
  • The "duck-dive" or "eskimo-roll"(diving through the waves with the board)
  • Getting to your feet – Standing up Surfing broken waves
  • Surf history
  • Priority rules
  • Learn how a surfboard is made
  • Position in the line up to catch unbroken waves
  • Surf the green waves – bottom turn
  • Advanced manouvres
  • Class championship: understand how a surf championship works and be part of one. (This activity will be held if there are enough participants in a class)
  • Plus 15 hours of surf practice


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