Surf School

Advanced Class Program

To be in this group you don't need to be world champion. You just need to know the basics. We developed this group because many people came to us and had surfed before. If you are one of these you don't have to go through all the basics again. We created the advanced group for you.

The focus of this group is on your individual surfing. After you learn how to take off on a wave and start to develop your own style, your specific surf problems need to be pointed out immediately so that you develop quickly and properly through individual advice. The 2 weekly video analysis sessions will be invaluable at this stage.

Class program:


  • Brief surfer diagnosis
  • Review surfing basics
  • Paddling and turning for the wave techniques (tricks and details)
  • Priority rules (review)
  • How a surfboard works
  • Distinguish types of waves and which surf you must apply on each of them
  • The “Bottom turn” and its importance for wave riding success
  • The importance of the upper body for the bottom turn.
  • “Duck dive” techniques
  • The “off the lip”
  • The “cut – back”
  • General surf manouvres
  • Ding repair workshop (learn how to repair your own surf board)


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