Transfers from and to Lisbon Airport

1 to 4 people 5 or 6 people 7 or 8 people
From 08h00 to 22h00 120 € 130 € 155 €
From 22h00 to 08h00 140 € 150 € 175 €


  • Prices are for one way.
  • If only one client (rather than a group) books to and from Lisbon airport the price is 220 EUR.
  • Once the plane lands the client has one hour to exit the airport door, for every extra hour after this the client will be charged an extra 10 EUR.
  • To drop off clients somewhere other than Lisbon airport, for example down town Lisbon, there will be an additional charge of 20 EUR.
  • If the plane is delayed please inform the Surf Camp, clients will be charged an extra 10 EUR for each hour delayed.

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