We can only guarantee the availability of the service with a minimum of two weeks notice before arrival, but as long as there’s availability we welcome you. So, if you have a last minute enquiry please send us an email!

Yes, if there’s availability for the new dates. In some cases we charge a small fee. But only in extraordinary cases, like last minute changes or changing to next year.

We kindly ask you to settle the payment as soon as you arrive or at least 72 hours before you leave Peniche Surf Camp. You also may pay the total before you arrive.

We only make discounts to groups of 5 or more people, but only for the package of accommodation and surf lessons ( minimum 7 nights and 5 days of surf classes) . We also give discounts to regular clients, that come 3 or more times.

As soon as you tell us what services you would like to have ( usually by email), we will send you a quote and if you interested we will send you the 2 payment methods that we work with, bank transfer or credit card payment.

General Info

We’re happy to say that we have costumers from all around the world. There is no country that we can say that most our costumers come from.

You can check the table bellow with the complete information.

Sunrise Sunset
1st of January 07:55 17:26
1st of April 07:21 20:00
1st of July 06:16 21:05
1st of October 07:33 19:19

Yes, we never close.

We are experts in Surf classes. We provide two surf lessons per day. Also at night we promote activities like BBQ, photo session, parties etc, to get people together. Nevertheless we are located by the ocean, so any activity related to the ocean like fishing, scuba diving etc may be provided. Lisbon is at 1 hour by the car and Óbidos (medieval castle) 15 minutes by car. Peniche itself is also a beautiful town to be explored.

Besides your personal belongings, you should bring:

  • sunscreen;
  • sun block for the face (you can also use Zink cream for sensitive areas like, nose, lips and cheeks)
  • aloe vera (relieves sunburn)
  • sunglasses and cap
  • beach towel
  • waterproof ear plugs if you have “sensitive” ears or hearing problems.
  • Swim Suit to wear underneath the wetsuit.

The temperature in Portugal drops down quite a bit when the sun goes down, so make sure you bring some warm clothes (jacket, pants, long sleeves, pullover) as well as your beach gear.

No, but if you’re under 18 years old we require you to bring written consent from your parents.


We have apartments for 8, 6 and 4 people. Also, we have rooms of 4 and rooms of 2. We always organize people in the most comfortable way, and avoid putting people from different groups or genders together in the same room.

Yes, we provide sheets, blankets and towels.

All our apartments are self catering, there are also many restaurants and a mini markets nearby, and we also have two BBQs per week. However if you are 5 or more people we have the possibility to arrange meals for you.

We have shared accommodation, private rooms and private apartments available for you to choose from. You may check them under the menu accommodation on our website.

Yes, you can take one package and the other person takes another one.

Surf Classes

No. The surf school can teach one student or one hundred students. When our surf school has got several students, we divide the students by groups of no more than 25 persons per group.

We have surf lessons everyday of the week, including on weekends.

With the lessons you stay around 3 hours total.

Yes, we arrange for private lessons, but only if we have one of the teachers available. We usually arrange for them on the weekends.

No, you can arrange the arrival and departure dates to suit your needs. You can also stay in the camp before or after the week with the surf classes.

Yes. More information in this link.

With children our school coordinator will analyze each case but our general policy is for kids with 12 years old or under, we are only able to provide private classes because at this age it is necessary full attention from a surf instructor, particularly if the kid is at a beginner level.

Yes, there are surf lessons every day of the week including weekends.

Surf Equipment

Yes, but you have some rules to follow: Rental rules:

  • Passport required.
  • Rental hours: From 8:30 to 18:30.
  • The client must bring all the equipment back before 18:30.
  • The equipment must be returned everyday in good condition: wetsuit and surfboard washed and clean.
  • If you wish to keep the equipment at home you must leave a deposit of 250 EUR which will be given back to you when you return the surf equipment in good condition!

The surf equipment is included for the surf classes. You will have two surf sessions per day. Usually after two surf sessions you will feel tired but if you wish to use the surf material outside the classes, you need to rent at the surf center after you finish the surf lessons. Please notice that the surf material that you’ve been using for surf classes will be stored for next day class. You’ll have similar surfboard and wetsuit to rent at our surf center.

Yes. More information in this link.


Lagido and Cantinho da Baia are 4 minutes walk just around the corner.

About 2 kilometers.

Because of the number of surf spots there’s always a break for every level of surfer.

The coldest it gets is in January-February, and it goes as low as 14º Celsius (4/3 wetsuit required). The rest of the year is around 17ºC (3/2 wetsuit or shorty) and in July and August it can get as high as 20ºC (maybe just board shorts!).

Rips are not a problem in the Peniche area.

Peniche is a very consistent surf spot, there are waves all year round.It is considered to be the most consistent surf spot in portugal. Has got a very famous wave, considered to be the best left in Portugal, Super Tubes. Peniche is a true surf town.

The best season is Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Getting There

Lisbon airport is the closest one (45 minutes drive, 1h35m by bus).

The easiest way to get to Peniche Surf Camp is to request a transfer service from us for 100 eur. We will pick you up at the airport. When you exit the airport door there will be a person holding a name board with your name written on it. This person is the driver who will bring you to Peniche surf camp

To get to Peniche Surf Camp from the airport is not difficult: you have to ask at the airport, to the car rental people, how to go to the road IC 17. From there you have to exit to the road A8 direction Loures. Once on the A8 you have to drive about 70 KM until you see the exit to Peniche. Attention: there are two exits to Peniche on the high way. Do not exit on the first, because it will take you through secondary roads. You should take the second exit to road IP 6. It’s exit number 14. You drive all the way until you find the first round about. You follow straight and on the 3rd round about, just before you enter Peniche city, you turn right to BALEAL. We are at Baleal on the main road.

The best way is to get a taxi or shuttle bus from the airport into the central station with the address Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado- Rua das Laranjeiras and then get an “Expresso” bus to Peniche. Timetables are available at our website under “Getting There”. Once you know what time your bus will arrive to Peniche, let us know by giving us a call and we’ll have someone waiting for you in the Peniche bus station. This pick up service is free of charge if you are taking minimum 7 days accommodation and 5 days surf classes (Pack 1) or minimum 7 days accommodation and 7 days surf rental. All the other costumers pay 15 EUR for the transfer from one until four persons. More than four persons please ask for the price. Just be sure to get out in the actual bus station, last stop. The bus stops in the middle of the town first before the bus station.

Getting Around

The closest ATM is inside the grocery store right next to Peniche Surf Camp.

Cocktail bar is 100 meters north – Prainha is 200 meters south – Bar do Bruno is 500 meters south.

In Peniche (5km).

You have one in Ferrel, about 2km away, open on weekdays, 9am to 7pm. In Peniche (5km) you have several pharmacies, and there’s allways one open 24/7.

Baleal à Vista, nice and cheap, just around the corner. There are several other restaurants around.

Lagido is less than 100 meters away.

No, you have everything in walking distance, from the surf spots to the supermarket and the ATM machine.

We have a small surf shop in the reception with the most important things. In Peniche and Ferrel you have a Peniche Surf Shop where people staying in our surf camp get a discount.

Right at the surf camp. We also have wireless access if you bring your own laptop.