Our Surf Center is located right next to our main building. From there you can walk to the beach and the waves!

We open by sunrise and close after sunset!

In the Surf Center you can find everything you need to surf: from small but important services such as surfboard repair, used wetsuits and surfboards for sale or wax for your surfboard, to an impressive range of surfboards to rent or buy! We have them all: PU, epoxy or softboards, longboards, shortboards, funboards, all shapes and sizes! Surfboards to learn how to surf, or high performance surfboards tested by professional surfers.

Also for rent and for sale we stock and use one of the best brands in the world: Rip Curl Wetsuits. We have them in all sizes: for men, women and juniors!

We have deckpads for surfboards, leashes, surfboard bags, sun protection, towels for the beach. In general, we have all you need to go surfing or to the beach, including our beach cruisers (bikes).

Plus, if you need a surf class, we have certified instructors to teach you how to surf, or to help you improve your surfing!

We have surf lessons for all ages, levels and nationalities. From people that never saw a surfboard or the sea, to those that already have previous experience of surfing but still don’t feel comfortable with it and those who have been surfing for years and want to improve their technique.

You are going to have the opportunity to learn with our instructors, who have many years of experience.

You will be using the best equipment on the market, in particular Rip Curl wetsuits and surfboards suitable for your surf level.