Surf Schools

We have surf lessons for all ages, levels and nationalities. From people that never saw a surfboard or the sea, to those that already have previous experience of surfing but still don’t feel comfortable with it and those who have been surfing for years and want to improve their technique.

You are going to have the opportunity to learn with our instructors, who have many years of experience.

You will be using the best equipment on the market, in particular Rip Curl wetsuits and surfboards suitable for your surf level.

Class Program

Private Class

This is a two hour class where the surf instructor focuses only on one student, or a small group of students (with a maximum of four students).

The meeting point for the surf classes is the Peniche Surf Camp Reception.

The surf instructor will carry out a diagnosis of the student’s surf level and will try, through his teaching methods, to ensure the fastest possible development of the student.

Surf Manual

Everything you need to know before entering the water

Surfboards and Wetsuits

Peniche Surf Camp is proud of our large variety of surfboards. We have more than 150 boards to choose from, in all shapes and sizes.

This means that you will have the opportunity not only to surf with the right surfboard for your level but also you will have opportunity to try other types of surfboards.

Surf School Functioning

This school is intended for the student who wants to dedicate his/her day exclusively to surfing, therefore he/she will have two surf sessions per day. This school functions 7 days a week, including weekends.

We have surf courses starting everyday, therefore the student may start classes any day of the week.

We separate the students by surf level: beginners are never in the same waves as the intermediates and advanced and vice versa.

A class schedule is provided the day before but normally the meeting for classes is at 9am.

To take to the beach students should bring a beach towel, sun protection, water, food (usually a sandwich and fruit) and his/her personal belongings. For use underneath the wetsuit, ladies and gents should bring a swim suit (similar to that used for swimming classes, tightly fitting to the body).

If it is a student’s first class at Peniche Surf Camp we will ask him/her to arrive 30 minutes earlier than the other students already having classes, this is in order to cover their introduction to the surf instructors and vice versa, some basic instructions, as well as the provision of surf equipment.

Once all students and instructors are together there is an announcement made by one of the surf instructors who informs everyone of the activities of the surf school for that day and the school’s surf spot for the day. Students then go to the beach, either in our transport or by foot, depending on which beach it has been decided has the best waves for the class. At the beach students are divided by their surf level in a ratio of approximately 5 students to one surf instructor. There is one surf class before lunch followed by a lunch break (attention: it is important that students either bring their own lunch, or they may buy it at the surf camp) and then there is a second surf lesson after lunch.

Following the second surf class students return to the Surf Camp where on certain days the students will have video analysis and correction of their surf performance. After this students are then free to enjoy the rest of the day knowing that the next day they will all meet up again in the morning for surf classes.

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