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What you should know already:

What’s next:

Total Beginner

It is my first time surfing / I already surfed, but a long time ago

Learn the safety rules in the water, board basics and take off technique 

Beginner with Experience

You should know the safety rules in the water, board basics and take off technique 

Improving the take off in the white water and learning how to turn

New Intermediate
The new intermediate is starting to paddle out, learning how to drop into waves and keep up with the green wall, so the take off should already be mastered! 

Learning fundamental knowledge about how to paddle out, general behavior in the water and to be able to drop into green waves and do a bottom turn


Fundamentals on how to paddle out and general behavior in the water, be able to drop into a wave and do a bottom turn

Learning positioning to catch the wave, how to keep up with the wall of the wave, the transition from bottom to top of the wave and the cutback

New Advanced
The student knows the necessary skills to catch the wave, keep up with the wall of the wave and has an understanding of the bottom and top of the wave 
Learning how to generate speed, improving the cutback and learning more basic manoeuvres such as the snap turn and the floater  


All of the skills mentioned above!

Improvement and expansion of the manoeuvres repertoire, correction of positioning and of all the fine details which make a good surfer 
Please, let us know the Level of Surfing of each person joining classes and take in consideration the chart above. The required information below is mandatory and very important to manage and organize all our students by their different levels.
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Included in one surf class?

  • 2 hours session, transfers to the beach included (if necessary)
  • Video analysis (minimum 3 days surf classes)
  • Surfboard and wetsuit adequate to your needs during the surf lessons
  • Insurance for the surf classes
  • All the local information you may need

Prices for the winter season may vary, please check with booking manager at

In order for us to reserve your place, we must charge 50% of the total payment in advance to confirm your reservation. You´ll be able to settle the remaining on "spot".

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Very Important! The Surf School assures availability if a client reserves any classes with 1 day in advance at least. Otherwise we may be fully booked for the requested day/s.