Baleal is the name of an island that is connected to Peniche through the accumulation of sand sediments that creates a path that connects the mainland to the Island of Baleal.

“Baleia” means whale in Portuguese. The name is due to its past, a place for fishing whales that used to pass by during their migration to other seas.

Nowadays it is a place where people spend their holidays and has excellent conditions for the practise of water sports. Because of its natural geography the peninsula is much sought for the practise of Surf and Bodyboard and also for fishing and diving.

It is a great place to walk by the sea, enjoying the shape of the cliffs, listening to the ocean and get inspiration for our everyday life.

Baleal Island is about 300 metres from the base of Peniche Surf Camp.

Peniche Surf Camp has several apartments in Baleal Island for you, like theBaleia Apartments.