About 12 Km from Cape Carvoeiro there is a small group of islands called the Berlengas.

The Berlenga island is filled with mystery and beauty. It is a natural reserve for the nesting of various species of birds and the preservation of various reptiles and other animals. You will also find there typical plants and flowers unique to Portugal. Laced with grottoes and coves, the Berlenga Islands are an hour’s journey by boat from Peniche. It also has a 17th-century fort that you can visit.

The main island has around 1500 metres in length by 800 m wide and 85 m. tall.

The numerous granite caves spread throughout the islands are one of its major attractions, but its waters abundant in fish, calm and transparent remind us of other tropical islands spread over the world that are increasingly captivating tourists.

One of the main attractions is the small beach of Mosteiro do Carreiro, where you can enjoy a few hours of sun during the summer or even bathe yourself in its peaceful and clear water with its shades of transparent green. It should be noted that there are also more many other small beaches around the island, where you can enjoy a little more privacy.

The S. João Baptista fortress which was completed in 1666, has a main building in the embankment, with twelve rooms where once operate the dependencies of service (House of the Command, Quarters of troops, Stores, Kitchen and others) and has another eight compartments attached inside of its walls. A corridor with no lighting gives access to the various points within the fortress.

On the other hand there is a boat that makes this trip twice a day. For more information go to our reception or contact us through our email address info@penichesurfcamp.com.